Jerome D. Frank, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, The University of Johns Hopkins, Medical School, Baltimore:

For maximal effectiveness, a psychotherapeutic program should have the following characteristics…Improbable as it may seem, the system of Integrated Psychotherapy presented in this book approaches such an ideal. That this can be said attests to the unusual, if not uniqe, qualification of Ferdinand and Jirina Knobloch…
Foreword. F.Knobloch & J. Knobloch, Integrated Psychotherapy. New York: J. Aronson, 1979, XI.


Erich Fromm:

Dr. Knobloch was not only one of the most outstanding psychiatrists in Czechoslovakia, but is a man of international stature, especially known in the United States and Europe by the interest which his new approaches to therapy have evoked. … I was especially impressed by his system of Integrated Psychotherapy which he applied in Czechoslovakia and which seemed to me one of the most promising approaches to treatment and rehabilitation.
A letter to the University of British Columbia, October 12, 1970.

John elderkin Bel (often called "the father of family therapy):

Meanwhile, Knobloch and Sefrnova (1954) in Czechoslovakia were pioneering Work with family groups in psychotherapy.

In:H.L. Kaplan, A,M. Freedman, J. Sadock: Conrephensive Textbook of Psychaitry. 3d Ed., Baltomire: Wwilliams & Wilkins (p. 2218).


James O. Prochaska, Professor of Psychology, & John C. Norcross, Professor of Psychology:

Even the Iron Curtain isolating Eastern Europe and the governments there…could not stop psychotherapy integration. From 1958 to 1968 in Czechoslovakia, Ferdinand Knobloch….created an integrated approach combining various theories, as well as embracing individual, group, and family modes of treatment. Inspired by the therapeutic community, this integrated psychotherapy predated many contemporary approaches and foreshadowed several contemporary principles of psychotherapy.

Systems of Psychotherapy. USA: Brooks/Cole, 1999, p. 459.

Jason Aronson, MD, Psychaitrist and Publisher:

Knoblochs, with their unique background in Europe and America, in communist and non-communist social systems, and in psychoanalysis and group and milieu therapy, have written Integrated Psychotherapy, a landmark book dealing with this issue…

Psychotherapy and social Science Review, 13 (7), 1979


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